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Cala di forno

by admin on January 22, 2020
Cala di forno

Cala di Forno (“The Oven’s Bay”) is located in the Maremma Natural Park between Talamone and the mouth of the Ombrone river. It has been the film set of a famous scene from the Italian movie “Non ci resta che piangere” from 1984 in which the main characters, interpreted by the famous actors Massimo Troisi and Roberto Benigni, try in vain to stop Christopher Columbus. It is one of the most suggestive and uncontaminated beaches of our coast and is characterized by crystal clear water and fine sand. The most frequent guests of this beach are the fallow deers that come quietly towards men and women in search of some snacks. The beach can be reached by sea or on foot but in the latter case the path will be about two hours long back and forth so we recommend comfortable shoes. It is a sacrifice that has to be made in order to enjoy a breathtaking view.



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