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Marina di Grosseto

by admin on January 22, 2020
Marina di Grosseto

Marina di Grosseto is a seaside resort that was founded at the end of the 18th century as a village of local fishers. The tower of San Rocco at the time was built a few meters from the sea in order to control the area and as customs for people, goods and to prevent any epidemics. Soon after the end of the First World War families began to spend their summer holidays in Marina di Grosseto until it became a popular destination for tourists. This seaside resort is characterized by a very long beach with clean and clear water that earned her, together with Principina a Mare for the 21st consecutive year, the Blue Flag Certification. Surrounded by the Mediterranean vegetation, Marina is easy to reach from Principina a Mare via the cycle/pedestrian path in just 5 minutes. From Marina it is then possible to reach Castiglione della Pescaia by cycle track. Marina has a touristic harbor, the harbour of San Rocco that was inaugurated in 2004. Don’t miss the craft markets in marina di Grosseto on the third Sunday of each month: we highly recommend that.



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